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Protect your clothes on your travels: our selection of garment bags


One of the essential accessories for businesspeople travelling for work is without doubt the garment bag. Designed with innovation and practicality in mind, this type of bag offers a smart, practical design to transport clothes and suits without troublesome creases. Our range of products offers a variety of choices, all made using quality materials and an Italian sense of style.


The garment bag is a versatile travel companion. This practical bag offers a space specifically organised for formal clothes and impeccable durability, guaranteeing optimal protection.

Garment bags come with a variety of features to meet the needs of any business traveller and frequent flyer.

The garment bags with hanging hook, for example, are the smart solution for carrying all your work clothes. These bags come with a hook so you can hang your clothes up as soon as you arrive at your destination, preventing unwanted creases and keeping your garments neat and tidy.

If you love practicality, then the folding garment bag is for you. It is one of a kind, and can be reduced to a compact size for transport and expanded when required.


Another practical and versatile alternative is the travel garment bag. Light and easy to use, the travel garment bag allows you to transport even the bulkiest clothes, avoiding creases and wrinkles. It can be used by men and women alike, becoming the perfect accessory alongside your wheeled case.


Finally, for frequent travellers, we recommend the hand luggage garment bag. This practical bag, as well as keeping your clothes in tip-top condition, complies with the standard hand luggage dimensions and can therefore be easily taken on board any plane.


All products in our range of garment bags are made of the highest quality materials, guaranteeing unrivalled strength and durability. Every detail is designed to offer maximum efficiency and organisation, without ever compromising on the style and sophistication of Italian design.


Our range of garment bags comes in leather and fabric options. How do they differ?

Leather garment bags offer a feeling of luxury and sophistication, softness to the touch and the “lived-in” appearance of leather that increases its beauty over time. Their classic elegance adds a touch of style anywhere, whether it’s in a hotel room or in a professional environment.

Fabric garment bags, on the other hand, are lighter and offer more flexibility, allowing hassle-free travel and greater practicality.


Discover the convenience and practicality of our garment bags and turn every trip into a stress-free and stylish experience.