Return For Repair

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the Piquadros online customer care section.
Were sorry to hear that the article you purchased no longer fully meets your satisfaction.
Unfortunately, despite our careful quality controls and choice of materials, it sometimes happens that a product may have a flaw or may unexpectedly fail to work as intended, and even an article in perfect condition may become damaged over time. We are aware that the quality of a brand is shown not only in the tangible aspects of its single products, but also in the after-sales customer service offered by the company when a problem arises. Our commitment therefore aims not only to offer a quality product, but also to provide support and after-sales care of equally high quality, enabling you to enjoy our products once again to your full satisfaction.
On processing your request, in addition to apologising for any inconvenience you may have encountered, we would also like to thank you for having taken the time to provide us with a report on the exact nature of the problem. Feedback from our customers is a valuable tool enabling us to ensure our products and services are adapted to our customers needs.
Therefore, we hope we can remedy your problem quickly and efficiently. In the meantime, please accept our best wishes.

Piquadro Customer Service Team