Piquadro is proud to support the community of its mountains by promoting economic and social development
through sustainable tourism open to diversities and respect for the environment.

A marvel to be protected

The mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, covered with snow in the winter and with luxuriant vegetation in the summer, are reflected on the Piquadro headquarters’ windows in Gaggio Montano. The peak of Corno alle Scale overlooks the regional park and the ski district where Alberto Tomba trained as a boy. A marvel of nature that was asking to be supported. And Piquadro responded.

The sustainability challenge

The aim is the rebirth of this local reality by developing an aware and sustainable tourism that allows young people to remain in the homeland without having to seek work elsewhere. The challenge is to find a balance between sustainability and enjoyment of nature without disfiguring it. Or better still, by developing a new and heartfelt environmental sensitivity.

Performance goal

The never-ending search for the development of high-performance materials and solutions has always been our mission. Today this effort takes shape in a new line of backpacks and travel bags inspired by our mountain.
Corno alle Scale, which is reflected with its snow-covered peaks on the windows of Piquadro’s headquarters, is the ski resort where Alberto Tomba trained as a young boy. Our top performing products, supplied to the skiing and snowboarding teams of the Italian Federation of Winter Sports, draw inspiration from its long ski runs, demanding rocky walls and fascinating hiking trails.




The Corno alle Scale line is made of 305 DEN cordura, 40% recycled using PET bottles and subjected to double layer Water Resistance treatment.
Cordura is a high-performance fabric in terms of lifetime, lightness and abrasion, rubbing and tear resistance. It has undergone these specific tests:


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Technical Characteristics


Technical Characteristics


Technical Characteristics