How can I request the Connequ device?
You can purchase the connequ device in this section of the website. For different Piquadro items with a special tag inside the package, you can request and personalise with the use of a unique code in the Piquadro customization area, free of charge, your address tag with built-in connequ device online. To do so, you have to either download the connequ application from Play store (Android systems) or from App store (IOS systems), or request the device on your reserved area on the website In both cases it is possible to choose from: - different colours for your address tag - different fonts in various sizes for personalisation.
How does the Connequ device work?
Connequ works just like an alarm. It activates your mobile phone ringtone if you forget your briefcase when you get off the train, if someone carries away your trolley while you are at the airport or if you drop your keys while out jogging.
How can I download and access the Piquadro App?
You can download the Piquadro App for both IOS systems on the App store and Android on the Google Play Store. To log in, you can use the same login credentials at, if you already have them, or create your own credentials on the site in the Account section or directly on the Piquadro App. Do you have an account created on the site before October 2, 2023? The site has been revamped, to log in you will need to reactivate your account and create a new password at this link.
What systems are compatible with the application and the Connequ device?
It works with IOS and Android systems.
How long does the Connequ device battery last?
The battery lasts about 6 months, and it can easily be replaced when it goes flat
How can I request the Signo label?
If you have purchased a Signo, Signo2 or Wassily category product at the boutique, you can request a free leather label online. To do so, you have to be registered with PQ Club that you will find in the My Piquadro section, accessible by clicking the (LOG IN) button in the top right corner of the home page. After registering, select the PERSONALISE LABEL section and enter the alphanumerical code you will find on the metal label on the lining inside the bag. The correct format for entering the SIGNO label order is: SI [space] LL [space] 1111
How many days go by before I receive the Signo label?
The product is sent in 7 business days from the time the product is requested