General contract conditions
1) General information The products presented on the e-commerce website are offered by Piquadro S.p.A., company registered with the Bologna Trade Register with tax code 02554531208 and VAT no. 02554531208. The registered office is in Silla di Gaggio Montano, Loc. Sassuriano, 246 (BO), Italy (“Piquadro”).The email address is The telephone number is +0039 0534 409001 and the fax number is +0039 0534 409090. Purchases made using the Internet on the e-commerce website are regulated by the Italian law and these contractual conditions, provided on the website when the order is made (“General Conditions”). Any dispute that may arise on the completion, interpretation and execution of a sale stipulated via Piquadro e-commerce will be referred to the sole jurisdiction of the Italian judicial authorities. 2) Users and Orders Only end consumers may use the Piquadro e-commerce website. End consumers are natural persons of age who act with purposes not concerning a business, entrepreneurial, artisan and/or professional activity carried on, and who fall within the definition of "consumers" contained in Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 as amended (the “Consumer Code”). Piquadro shall regard and take into consideration only purchase orders having the following characteristics as being valid and effective: - the orders can come only from the following countries - and a relevant price list for each of which will be specified -: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Finland, Luxembourg, USA, Switzerland, Poland, Rumania, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Croatia; - the orders can be processed only if they are for 10 items at the most, and in any case for a total maximum value of € 10,500.00; - Piquadro will process the orders only if shipment is requested within the territory of the price list from which the order is made. All orders that do not have the characteristics listed above will not be accepted, and if they are accepted, Piquadro may be consider them invalid and ineffectual. Piquadro reserves the right to not process orders that do not have the characteristics listed above. It is also understood that Piquadro may not process the order and/or may consider it ineffectual when there is no possibility to verify that the shipping address and invoicing information is correct, or if the order has been made for the purpose of re-sale, in which case Piquadro reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and with simple notification in writing sent by email. 3) Prices The purchase prices of the Piquadro products will be specific for each country from which the order arrives and will include any taxes due. Piquadro may apply special promotions to one or more products on the website that alter their prices. The essential characteristics of the products and prices are provided on the product sheet on the website, to which the user must gain access before executing the order. The images of the products might not fully match the actual products. 4) Shipments Costs for shipping the product will be borne by the user of the e-commerce service, and they will be explicitly indicated at the time the product is purchased. Piquadro undertakes to enter into a shipping contract with a primary company as the user's appointee, taking the conditions the carrier applies into account. The user: - may specify that the purchase be shipped to an address other than that of the account holder of the order and/or that specified for billing (however within the borders of the same country); - must specify a shipping address where someone is always available to collect the package. If someone is not at the address indicated for collection, an address other than that of residence where the required condition is met must be indicated; - Piquadro will normally process the order within 48 hours after receiving payment confirmation. The estimated time for delivery depends on the carrier selected. Once shipment has been made, Piquadro will also automatically send an email containing all information the user needs to track the order, including the direct link to the portal of DHL or the other carrier selected for immediate checking of the delivery status. In any case, Piquadro is not responsible for non-delivery and/or delayed delivery of the package if the collection procedure described above is not observed or if the customer has provided incorrect information; - if the items ordered are not delivered within 10 business days from the order confirmation data, the user may personally contact the Piquadro customer service department. The order status and/or shipment status will be verified through the shipping company. In any case, the products will be delivered in the shortest time possible and within the legal deadline (i.e., pursuant to Art. 61 of the Italian Consumer Code, 30 days from the Delivery Date). In some circumstances such as, for example, sale or plant closing periods, delivery times may be subject to change. Piquadro cannot be held responsible for delivery delays not attributable to its fault or negligence. Therefore, Piquadro will not be responsible for delays due to force majeure, strikes, natural disasters, pandemics, events relating to customs clearance procedures, or any other event relating to the provision of courier services or any other circumstance outside its control and/or that is unforeseeable. To check which countries to which shipments can be sent, Click here. Without prejudice to the above, the user is asked to do everything in their power to facilitate delivery of the order, by being on hand to take receipt of it or by delegating another party to do so. The user should check that the number of parcels is precise and that the outside packing is in good condition at the time of delivery. Should the user encounter problems with the delivery, such as number of parcels or damage to the outside packing, they should sign the delivery document subject to confirmation and contact the customer service office of Piquadro. Should they fail to do so, the user cannot afterwards raise objections to the delivery, except for what is provided for in Art. 13 below regarding concealed defects and in observance of binding consumer protection legislation. 5) Filling in orders To finalise the purchase contract, the user has to complete the order procedure by filling in all sections on the website and confirm payment for the order on the website of the selected payment entity. It is understood that orders coming from countries other than those indicated and having characteristics different from those described above (in terms of quantity and shipping address) shall in no case whatsoever be accepted. 6) Instructions for filling in orders and information Before filling in the order, the user should go to the FAQ section where Piquadro's identity and address, including email address), shipping costs, all other information on executing the contract, right of withdrawal and methods and deadlines for returning the product if the right is exercised, and all the other information on the General Conditions. The user can store and/or print the General Conditions 7) Instructions for filling in orders and technical information The user may also go to the FAQ section where further instructions to follow for finalising the contract and on technical means to use to correct any errors before forwarding the order can be found. 8) Orders and Information Concise information on the product features, price, shipping costs, delivery method and payment for the product is provided during the order procedure. 9) Filling in orders and liability To finalise the purchase contract, the order procedure and payment on the website of the selected entity must first be completed. Both operations must be carried out following the instructions provided on the website. If due to a typing error or for any other reason the user does not want to complete orders in terms of characteristics, quantities and/or prices, the user should not complete the procedure. The user is responsible for the correctness of the information provided during the order and payment procedure, and Piquadro assumes no responsibility for "undesired" orders sent by error and/or by minors, and will execute them in compliance with the information provided by the user and may demand payment of the agreed-on consideration.If while filling in the order and finalising the contract the user should notice that the price of one or more products he or she plans to select for the next purchase is clearly lower than that normally applied, net of any discounts and/or promotions in effect at that time, due to an evident technical problem on the website, the user is asked to not complete the purchase order and to notify the above-mentioned technical error to Piquadro by sending an email to If the user has completed the purchase order and a product whose price is clearly lower than that normally applied, net of any discounts and/or promotions in effect at that time, due to an evident technical problem on the website: (a) if the user has not yet received the product, Piquadro will (i) cancel the order whose delivery will therefore not be made while at the same time sending a notification stating such by email to the email address the user specified when filling in and transmitting the order and (ii) refund the user payments made with regard to the cancelled order, including delivery costs, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from cancellation of the order, using the same means of payment the user had used for the initial transaction; (b) if the user has received the product, Piquadro will promptly inform the user by email of the error that had occurred at the time the order was completed and will offer the user the alternative options of (i) paying Piquadro the amount corresponding to the difference between the correct price of the product and the incorrect price indicated on the purchase order before and no later than 5 (five) days using one of the methods of payment available, or (ii) cancelling the order following the instructions contained in the notification and returning the product to Piquadro at Piquadro's expense before and no later than 14 (fourteen) days, sending it to Piquadro damage-free and complete with all its elements and accessories (including the labels and tags unaltered and attached to the product), and with the enclosed instructions/notes/manuals, original wrappings and packaging and the certificate of warranty together with the return form, appropriately filled in, found attached to the email sent by Piquadro. If the user has selected the option described in foregoing point (b) (ii), Piquadro will refund the user the payments made in connection with the cancelled order, including the delivery costs, without undue delay and, in any case, not after 14 days from cancellation of the order, using the same means of payment the user used for the initial transaction. 10) Filing of orders The order confirmation and relevant data are filed in the Piquadro electronic data bank for the period necessary for processing the order, and however for the period required by law. The user will be sent an order confirmation via email with all the reference data of the order. Registered users can also view these data in the My Piquadro section. 11) Finalisation of contract Lastly, the contract is finalised between the time Piquadro electronically receives the order confirmation and the time Piquadro receives confirmation of payment from the selected entity, subject to verification that the data entered are correct. Piquadro is entitled to refuse the order by notifying such by email within 2 days from its receipt, in the event of incorrect data or the forwarding of an incorrect and/or invalid credit card code to the selected entity. 12) Non-availability of products If the products displayed on the Piquadro e-commerce website are no longer available, Piquadro will notify any non-availability of products in stock within 30 days from the date the order is received. If the product price has already been paid, Piquadro will return the paid sum. In this case, Piquadro shall owe nothing by way of compensation for damages or any other right. 13) Legal warranty: Without prejudice to the provisions of Art. 4 above, Piquadro guarantees the final consumer against any manufacturing defect or any conformity defect of the products existing at the time such products are delivered to the final consumer and that becomes evident within 2 (two) years from the date of delivery. Articles 128 to 135 of the Italian “Consumer Code” (Codice del Consumo) apply to every order or contract placed. Piquadro recommends the final consumer to always keep a copy of the documents relating to the purchase of products, such as the order, invoice, delivery note, etc. Piquadro warrants the user that the products sold are not defective and that they comply with what is stated in the order and, therefore, in particular the products: - comply with the description provided on the website, have the product characteristics that Piquadro has presented and correspond to the quantity requested by the consumer at the time of ordering; - are appropriate for the purpose for which goods of the same type are normally used; - have the quality and the usual performance of a good of the same type, which the user can reasonably expect from it, bearing in mind the nature of the good. For technical reasons, Piquadro cannot warrant that display of the colours on the screen of the devices used to access its website will always be accurate, complete and up to date. Marginal differences, that do not affect the conformity of the product and the compliance with the above requirements, between the product description on the website and the actual characteristics of the same product will not be considered a cause of product non-conformity or manufacturing defect for the purposes of the order. In accordance with applicable law, the legal warranty covering the products sold on the website lasts 2 (two) years from the date the user (final consumer) receives the products. The rules set out in Articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Italian Consumer Code apply to the sale of Piquadro’s products. Should a Product not in conformity be delivered, the user may request, without cost and expense to be borne by the user (i.e. free of charge), the restoration of the conformity of the products through, if possible, repair or replacement of the product. The repair or replacement of products shall be carried out within a reasonable period of time and without causing significant damages to the final consumer; in accordance with applicable law, the adequacy of such time frame shall be assessed on the basis of the nature of the products and of the purpose for which it was purchased. Given the nature of Piquadro’s products, Piquadro will do its utmost to repair, when required, or replace them, as quickly as reasonably possible. Should repair or replacement not be objectively possible (also in view of the nature of the non-conformity defect and of the eventuality that the alternative remedy may be carried out without significant inconveniences to the final consumer) and/or imply high costs for Piquadro in accordance with applicable law and/or the repair or replacement previously carried out has caused significant inconveniences to the final consumer, the user will be entitled to ask for a corresponding reduction in the purchase price or for termination of the contract (or order) and the refund of the purchase price and (if applicable) of the shipping cost. The costs necessary to ensure the restoration of conformity of products, including shipping costs, will be entirely borne by Piquadro. It being understood that Piquadro is liable for conformity defects existing at the time of delivery that become evident in the 2 (two) years following delivery of the products, the action aimed at asserting defects not intentionally concealed by Piquadro is, in any case, prescribed within 26 (twenty-six) months from the date of delivery, without prejudice to the final consumer’s right to assert conformity defects that have been promptly reported. The user shall notify Piquadro of any non-conformity of the products through Piquadro’s customer service, by sending an e-mail to or by mail to the following addresses [•]. At the time of such communication, the final consumer shall provide receipt, invoice or other similar document attesting the purchase of the product and showing the date of the relevant purchase (in the absence of one of these documents, proof of purchase may also be provided by a witness present at the time of the sale). Unless proven otherwise, pursuant to applicable law, it is assumed that conformity defects which become evident within one year from the date of delivery already existed on that date, as long as this assumption is not incompatible with the nature of the products or with the nature of the conformity defect. Instead, from the day following the expiration of the twelfth month after delivery, the final consumer will have the burden of proving that the non-conformity already existed at the time of delivery or supply of the products. After having received the aforesaid notification from the user, Piquadro shall contact the user to directly agree on the method for collecting the products disputed. The simple receipt of the products by Piquadro after the activation of the above-mentioned procedure does not in any way entail recognition by Piquadro of non-conformity of the products insofar as a thorough inspection by Piquadro is necessary. Without prejudice to the above, the warranty does not cover damages caused by mistreatment of the products, misuse, accidents, water, solvents, wear and tear, damage caused by carriers and, in any case, damage arising from third-party factors and that are not attributable to conformity defects of the products existing at the time of delivery. The legal warranty set forth in this Article 13 is mandatory and, subject to terms and conditions set forth herein, shall not be excluded or limited nor, in any way, shall be affected by the conventional warranty, if any. The legal warranty is exclusively addressed to consumers. Therefore, it only applies to users who have made a purchase on the website for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity eventually carried out. 14) Conventional warranty: In addition to the legal warranty, in the event of a non-conformity of the products at the time of delivery, and provided that such defect is not due to the same causes that exclude the application of the legal warranty pursuant to Article 13 above, the purchaser who registers himself /herself with Piquadro Club in the manner set out below may exercise on the Piquadro’s products the conventional warranty provided by Piquadro itself as an alternative to and in addition to the legal warranty, by contacting the Piquadro’s customer service, to which the defect complained of shall be notified by e-mail to the following address: . The conventional warranty, which lasts 36 (thirty-six) months from the date of purchase (i.e. 12 months in addition to the legal warranty referred to in Article 13 above), involves releasing the user's claim from the periods of limitation provided for by Art. 132 of the Italian Consumer Code, if applicable. The user will have the right to repair and/or replacement of the product and the relevant costs, including those covering transport, will be borne by Piquadro. The user may register with Piquadro Club – even after the purchase – by totally filling in, signing and returning the form in the product tag inside the Piquadro package. As an alternative, the user may also register online on the website , in the section socalled “Piquadro Club”, giving authorisation to the processing of personal data. The conventional warranty set forth in this Article 14 is cumulative, different and additional to the legal warranty set forth in Article 13 above and, therefore, neither replaces nor limits it in any way. 15) How to activate the additional warranty The additional warranty is given only after the defect is reported and after submitting one of the following documents to Piquadro, which are unavoidable conditions for gaining access to the service: warranty coupon inside the package with date of purchase confirmed by the reseller's stamp, receipt, invoice or e-commerce order code. It is necessary to totally fill in the specially provided request form and send it by fax or email to the Piquadro customer service department. The form must be accompanied by one of the documents listed above. Only after the requested documents have been properly and totally received will Piquadro issue a return authorisation number that the user must affix to the package with which the product is returned. In this case, the transport costs will be borne by Piquadro. Warranty claims submitted in another manner will not be accepted. If, then, the user is mistakenly admitted to the service, Piquadro may charge the user the transport costs borne. If the product arriving at Piquadro is not covered by a warranty because there are no compliance defects attributable to Piquadro described in point 13 above, the repair and/or replacement may however be carried out at the user's expense, provided the product is reparable and/or replacement is possible. In this case Piquadro will send a repair and/or replacement cost estimate to the user, which has to be returned to Piquadro by whoever is requesting the service by way of acceptance. No repair and/or replacement not covered by the warranty will be made without the prior consent of the person requesting it. The time required for repair and/or replacement varies, depending on the type of intervention and product availability. Repair under warranty is approximately carried out within 3 weeks from receipt of the product and/or, in the case of repairs not under warranty, from receipt of the user's approval in writing of the cost estimate. Repairs no under warranty will start only when Piquadro receives the approval in writing of the cost estimate sent by the user. 16) Payments Payment for online purchases made on the Piquadro website can be made only with a Visa - American Express - Mastercard credit card through the Setefi system, or through the Paypal system. The amount of the order will be debited on the credit car only at the time of shipment. Payment for orders is made outside the Piquadro systems (inside the Setefi and Paypal servers), so it is in no way the data controller or processor of the bank data or data of the credit card with which payment is made. 17) Withdrawal The purchase has the right to withdraw from the contract stipulated with Piquadro within 14 business days from delivery of the products without any penalty and/or justification. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchaser must send a notice by registered letter with advice of receipt, in which he or she explicitly declares the wish to return the product(s) ordered within 14 days from the date the goods are received. The notice may also be sent by fax and/or email provided it is confirmed with registered letter with advice of receipt within the following 48 hours. In the case multiple products have been purchased, withdrawal may be exercised also for just some of them. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the user must return the purchased product to Piquadro at his or her expense by sending it to Piquadro within 14 days from the date the right of withdrawal is exercised. All goods must be sent to Piquadro's address. In order to be able to return the purchased products, they must arrive at the above-mentioned address in a perfect state of preservation. The product must be sent back with the original product packaging and with the product tag. To return the product, the steps listed in the return procedure must be followed. They are found in the FAQ section. Should withdrawal not be exercised with the methods set out above, Piquadro shall not accept the returned products and shall return the products to the user/customer without additional shipping costs. 17 bis) Exclusion of right of withdrawal for customised products and the Sartoria line Pursuant and consequent Art. 59 c) of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal, cancellation or return is excluded in the case of orders relating to products made to measure or clearly customised based on the choices made by the purchaser. 18) ReturnsThe purchaser is responsible for returning the products packed in the original box in order to prevent the goods from arriving at destination in a deteriorated condition. Only if the original packing is unusable may the purchaser use another box that has the same size and sturdiness. Return shipments made with methods other than those specified above, the only ones authorised, will not be accepted. Products cannot be returned following withdrawal with costs borne by the recipient. Once the return has arrived at destination, Piquadro will check the legitimacy of the return and once correctness of the operations has been checked, it will send the user a confirmation email. The amount paid will be charged back through the system with which payment was made. The chargeback usually is made within 14 days from when Piquadro is notified of the withdrawal and when Piquadro has received the product returned by the purchaser, whichever is later. 19) Disputes Every contract of sale finalised between Piquadro and the purchaser pursuant to these General Conditions will be regulated and interpreted in compliance with Italian laws, and with the Italian Consumer Code in particular. In any case, the right attributed to the purchaser by binding provisions of law in effect in the purchaser's country will not be affected. The purchaser is entitled to go to the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (the European ODR Platform) to settle any dispute with Piquadro. For more information about the European ODR Platform or to start an alternative termination procedure for a dispute regarding the contract with Piquadro through it, the purchaser must go to the following link: Piquadro's email address to specify on the European ODR Platform is the following:
Right of cancellation
The purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the contract entered into with Piquadro within 14 working days from delivery of the merchandise without being liable to pay any penalty and/or give any grounds. In order to exercise his right to withdraw, the user must send, within 14 days from receipt of the merchandise, a notice by registered letter with return receipt in which he expressly declares that he wishes to return what was ordered. The notice may also be sent by fax or e-mail provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with return receipt within the next 48 hours. If more than one product has been purchased, the right of withdrawal may only be exercised over some of them. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the user must return the merchandise purchased to Piquadro at his own expense, sending the seller the items within 30 days from the date on which the right is exercised. All goods must be sent to the offices of Piquadro S.p.A.. To return the goods, the products purchased must reach the above-mentioned addresses in a normal state of preservation. The product must be sent back in its original packaging and accompanied by the product card. When returning the product, the user must follow the steps indicated in the return procedure accessible through the FAQ -> Returned goods section. The merchandise must be packaged (at the purchaser’s expense) in the original box to avoid any damage during transportation. Only if the original box is no longer usable can a box of a similar size and strength be used. Consignments made using methods other than those described above, which are the only procedures authorised, will not be accepted. Merchandise cannot be returned upon withdrawal at the consignee’s expense. Once the returned goods have reached their destination, Piquadro will check them to ascertain whether they have been rightly sent and, once it has verified that operations have been completed correctly, it will send the user confirmation by e-mail. Amounts paid will be reaccredited through the system with which the payment was originally made.
General Conditions of Use
Access to and use of the website are governed by the following General Conditions of Use. Accessing, browsing and purchasing products on this website require that these General Conditions of Use be read, understood and accepted. Piquadro S.p.A. reserves the right to update and amend, in whole or in part, these conditions without prior notice. These changes and updates will be binding as soon as they are published on in this same section. Therefore, we invite you to regularly access it to take cognizance of the General Conditions of Use of in force. If you need help, please visit the FAQ area, where you can find information on orders, shipments, refunds and returning products purchased on We remind you that you will be solely responsible for use non-compliant with the laws of the website and its content in force. Piquadro S.p.A. cannot in any way be held responsible for improper use of the website and its content by its users. You will also be considered solely responsible for communication of information and data that are false. incorrect or relating to third parties without their express consent, as well as for any misuse of such data. We invite you to carefully read the Privacy Policy, which also applies in the event that you enter even if you do not purchase any products. The Privacy Policy helps you understand how Piquadro S.p.A. collects and uses your personal information. The content of, such as, without limitation, the works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, published on, including the web pages, graphics, colours, sketches, tools, fonts and design of the website, diagrams, the layout, methods, processes, functions and software are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right of Piquadro SpA. Reproduction, in whole or in part and in any form, of and its content is prohibited without the express consent in writing of Piquadro S.p.A. Piquadro S.p.A. does not control linked websites and their content. Therefore, it cannot be held responsible for the content of such sites and the rules they have adopted for the protection of your personal sphere and the processing of your data during navigation.
Privacy Policy
Notice on processing personal data pursuant to European Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (in short “GDPR”) Piquadro S.p.A. (hereinafter “PQ”), in the person of its pro-tempore legal representative, provides you with this notice pursuant to Art. 13 of the GDPR (in short “Notice”) in its role of Controller of the personal data directly collected from the interested party. In any case, the logical and physical security of the data and, in general, the confidentiality of the personal data processed will be guaranteed by taking all technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee their security. A) Identity and contact information of the Controller Piquadro S.p.A località Sassuriano, 246 Silla di Gaggio Montano (40041 - Bologna, Italy) Tax ID and VAT reg. no. 02554531208 Tel. +39 0534.409001 – B) Purpose of the processing the personal data will undergo and relevant legal basis Your personal data will be processed: (i) without obligation of consent for the following purposes: online account registration, PQClub membership, Connequ App membership, management of orders, purchases, sales and deliveries of the products and their monitoring, customer service management, management of payments, management of returns and repairs, management of contacts with customers, management of allowances and discounts; administrative-accounting management and related fulfilments (issue of receipts, invoices, preparation of payments), protection of credit positions and defence before the court; internal statistics, corporate economic analysis and management and, as concerns the contact data provided at the time the contract was signed, sending of advertising of similar products with the right to immediate erasure upon request; The processing above meets the following legal bases, respectively: fulfilling a contract or pre-contractual measures, satisfying a request of the interested party - condition laid down by law in Art. 6, letter b) GDPR; legal obligation of the Data Controller - condition laid down by law in Art. 6, letter c) GDPR - or for the ascertainment, exercise or defence of a right before the court; pursuing a legitimate interest of the Data Controller - condition laid down by law in Art. 6, letter f) GDPR - regarding improvement of the company’s operations and market surveys, improvement of the services supplied to its customers, direct marketing and customer retention. The granting of data marked on the form with (*) for the purposes described in foregoing section (i) is mandatory and the absence of the data and/or express refusal to processing them shall make it impossible for the Data Controller to execute the contract or execute the pre-contractual measures, fulfil the obligation with possible non-fulfilment and responsibility of the interested party also for sanctions contemplated by the law. (ii) with your consent (Art. 7, GDPR) for the following purposes: various types of marketing activity, including the promotion of products and services, the distribution of posters and information and promotional material, both in paper and electronic format, the sending of newsletters and sales communications by email, invitations; various types of profiling activity, including the analysis of behaviour for promotional purposes, the creation of lists for promotional and sales communication purposes and the sending of newsletters, processing profiles for making available targeted and personalised services for the customer’s needs. The granting of data for the purposes explained in foregoing section (ii) is optional, with the consequence that you may decide to not give your consent, or to revoke it at any time. Automated processes using software that in any case require human decision-making intervention to prevent undesirable consequences for the interested party are used for this processing; they are always and in any case limited to receiving communications from the Data Controller. C) Categories of recipients of the personal data For the purposes explained in the foregoing paragraph, the personal data you have given may be disclosed or made accessible: to employees and collaborators of the Controller in their capacity of staff authorised to process the data (or “data processing operators”); to third parties outsourced to perform the activity on behalf of the Controller in their capacity of Data Processors, including: • suppliers of services for managing the IT system and the telecommunications networks and the company appointed to manage the e-commerce, suppliers of services to manage the filing of the hard copy and/or electronic documents, suppliers of services to managing customer service activities, also through websites (e.g. call centers, help desks, etc.), suppliers of services to manage sales communication activities; • independent professionals, firms or companies within the scope of service and consulting relations, also for controlling corporate organisation management; • banks and credit institutions and insurance companies for carrying out the financial (payments/collections) and insurance activities; • parties that carry out control, auditing and certification fulfilments for the activities initiated by Piquadro S.p.a., also in the interest of the customers; to judicial or supervisory authorities, administrations, entities and public bodies (national and foreign); to other legal entities of the national and international Piquadro Group [additional information on the Group and on the legal entities making it up is available on the website]. The complete and updated list of the Data Processors can be received by sending a request in writing to the address D) Storage and transfer of personal data abroad Personal data are managed and stored in the cloud and on servers located inside and outside the European Union owned by and/or available to the Controller and/or owned by and/or available to appointed third parties duly appointed Data Processors. Data are transferred abroad to non-EU countries only as part of infragroup communications for customer retention purposes and however in compliance with the provisions contained in Chapter V, GDPR (Art. 46). Your personal data will not be disclosed. E) Period of storage of the personal data Personal data collected for the purposes specified under paragraph (B), section (i) above will be processed and stored for the entire term of the contractual relationship, if any, established. The data will be stored for the duration of the applicable ex lege limitation period, i.e. 10 years, starting from the date said relationship ends for any reason or cause. The personal data collected for the purposes explained under paragraph (B), section (ii) above shall be processed and stored for the time necessary to fulfil said purposes and however for a period no longer than 24 months for marketing and 12 months for profiling from the date we receive your consent. After this storage period has elapsed, the data will be destroyed or made anonymous. F) Exercisable rights In compliance with the provisions of Chapter III, Section I, GDPR, you may exercise the rights specified by simply sending a request by email to the Controller’s address, and in particular: Right of access - Obtain confirmation that processing of personal data concerning you is or is not in progress and, if so, receive information particularly concerning: purpose of processing, categories of personal data processed and storage period, recipients to whom they might be disclosed (Art. 15, GDPR), Right to correction - Obtain, without unjustified delay, correction of the incorrect personal data concerning you and the addition of incomplete personal data (Art. 16, GDPR), Right to erasure - Obtain, without unjustified delay, erasure of the incorrect personal data concerning you in those cases provided for by the GDPR (Art. 17, GDPR), Right to restriction - Obtain restriction of the processing in those cases provided for by the GDPR (Art. 18, GDPR) Right to portability - Receive the personal data concerning you in a structured format of common use readable by an automatic device, and obtain their transfer to another controller without impediments in those cases provided for by the GDPR (Art. 20, GDPR) Right to object - Objection to the processing of personal data concerning you, unless there are legitimate reasons for the Controller to continue the processing (Art. 21, GDPR) Right to make a complaint to the control authority - Make a complaint to the Privacy Guarantor, Piazza di Montecitorio no. 121, 00186 Roma (RM).

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I cookies sono stringhe di testo di piccole dimensioni conservate nel tuo computer quando si visitano determinate pagine su internet. Per ordinare prodotti su Piquadro, è necessario che i cookies siano abilitati. Se non vuoi accettare i cookies, potrai comunque navigare sul sito e usarlo per finalità di ricerca. Nella maggior parte dei browser, i cookies sono abilitati, in calce troverai le informazioni necessarie per modificare le impostazioni dei cookies sul tuo browser. I cookies non sono dannosi per il tuo device. Nei cookies che generiamo, non conserviamo informazioni identificative personali quali ad esempio dettagli sulle carte di credito, ma usiamo informazioni criptate raccolte dagli stessi per migliorare la vostra permanenza sul sito. Per esempio, sono utili per identificare e risolvere errori, oppure per determinare prodotti correlati rilevanti da mostrare al visitatore durante la navigazione. Vi forniamo queste informazioni in quanto parte integrante della nostra iniziativa finalizzata al rispetto della legislazione recente, e per assicurare la nostra onestà e trasparenza in merito alla tua privacy quando ti servi del nostro sito internet. Stiamo lavorando su ulteriori migliorie riguardanti il tema della privacy e dei cookies concernenti il sito. Ulteriori informazioni sui cookies le trovi sui siti : e I cookies possono svolgere diverse funzioni, come ad esempio permettervi di navigare fra le varie pagine in modo efficiente, ricordando le vostre preferenze, e in generale possono migliorare la permanenza dell’utente. Piquadro si riserva il diritto di utilizzare i cookies, con il consenso dell’utente ove la legge o i regolamenti applicabili così stabiliscano, per facilitare la navigazione su questo sito e personalizzare le informazioni che appariranno. Piquadro si riserva inoltre il diritto di usare sistemi simili per raccogliere informazioni sugli utenti del sito, quali ad esempio indirizzo IP, tipo di browser internet e sistema operativo utilizzato e/o pagine web visitate da un utente, per finalità statistiche o di sicurezza. Piquadro potrà raccogliere queste informazioni per tracciare l’utilizzo del sito e migliorarne determinati aspetti. Di seguito vene riportata una breve illustrazione di come Piquadro utilizza i cookies e strumenti simili.

Cookies di navigazione
Questi cookies sono fondamentali per permettervi di muovervi all’interno del sito e per usare le sue funzionalità, quali ad esempio accedere alle aree riservate del sito internet. Senza questi cookies non possono essere forniti i servizi richiesti, come ad esempio il carrello acquisti o l’e-billing. I cookies strettamente necessari sono utilizzati per memorizzare un identificatore univoco al fine di gestire e identificare l’utente in quanto unico rispetto agli altri utenti che in quel momento stanno visitando il sito, in modo da fornire all’utente un servizio coerente e preciso. Alcuni esempi comprendono: • Il ricordo di precedenti azioni (per esempio testo inserito) durante la navigazione a ritroso verso una pagina nella medesima sessione; • Gestione e passaggio di token di sicurezza a differenti servizi all’interno di un sito internet per identificare lo status del visitatore (per esempio, registrato o non registrato); • Mantenimento dei token per l’implementazione di aree riservate del sito internet; • Instradamento dei clienti verso specifiche versioni/applicazioni di un servizio, come potrebbe rendersi necessario durante una migrazione tecnica.;

Performance cookies
Questi cookies possono essere di prima partePiquadro o di terza partepartner, di sessione o persistenti, il loro utilizzo è limitato alla performance e al miglioramento del sito internet. Questi cookies raccolgono informazioni su come un visitatore usa il sito, quali ad esempio le pagine visitate. Questi cookies non raccolgono informazioni che possono identificare l’utente. Tutte le informazioni raccolte da questi cookies sono aggregate in forma anonima e sono utilizzate solo per migliorare la funzionalità del sito. Alcuni esempi comprendono: • Web Analytics, i dati raccolti sono limitati solamente all’utilizzo del sito internet da parte dell’operatore, per gestire la performance e la struttura del sito. Questi cookies possono essere cookies di parte terza, ma le informazioni saranno usate esclusivamente da chi si occupa della pubblicazione del sito internet visitato; • Tracciamento degli affiliati da parte di partner di Piquadro — i cookies sono introdotti dai Partner e utilizzati da questi ultimi esclusivamente per sapere se utente proveniente da un altro sito ha eseguito l’acquisto di un prodotto o servizio su Piquadro; • Gestione degli errori — Misurazione degli errori che si presentano sul sito, solitamente questa funzione supporterà il miglioramento dei servizi o la gestione dei reclami e sarà generalmente strettamente legata all’analitica web; • Testare differenti strutture delle pagine del sito — Test sulle variazioni della struttura, usando solitamente test A/B o multivariabili, per assicurare che nelle sessioni correnti e successive venga conservato un aspetto coerente per l’utente del sito

Cookies funzionali
Questi cookies possono essere di Piquadro o di partner, avere durata di sessione o persistenti. Questi cookies solitamente sono conseguenti ad un’azione dell’utente, ma possono essere implementati anche nella fornitura di un servizio non esplicitamente richiesto ma offerto all’utente. Possono essere utilizzati anche per evitare che si offra di nuovo a quel dato utente un servizio in precedenza offerto e rifiutato. Inoltre, questi cookies permettono ai sito di ricordare le scelte dell’utente (quali ad esempio nome utente, lingua, paese di origine, etc...). Le informazioni raccolte da questi cookies sono anonime e non possono tracciare il comportamento dell’utente su altri siti. Alcuni esempi comprendono: • ricordare le impostazioni che un utente ha applicato a un sito internet quali ad esempio layout, dimensione del font, preferenze, colore etc; • ricordare una scelta di modo che non venga più richiesta la compilazione di un questionario. • rilevare se un servizio è già stato offerto, quale ad esempio offerta di un tutorial per visite successive del sito internet; • Fornire informazioni in modo da permettere il funzionamento di un servizio opzionale quale ad esempio l’offerta di una sessione in live chat. • Adempimento di una richiesta dell’utente quale ad esempio presentazione di un commento.

Cookie di terze parti per marketing/retargeting
Questi cookie sono utilizzati da partner di Piquadro, al fine di presentarti dei banner pubblicitari di Piquadro quando ti trovi in altri siti, mostrandoti gli ultimi prodotti che hai guardato su Piquadro. Mentre navighi su Piquadro, questi cookie sono utilizzati anche per mostrarti prodotti che potrebbero interessarti o simili a quelli che hai guardato in precedenza, basandosi sulla tua cronologia di navigazione. L'uso di questi cookie non implica il trattamento di dati personali, ma può permettere la connessione al tuo computer o ad altri dispositivi e rintracciare i dati salvati: questi cookie si connettono al browser installato sul tuo computer o su altri dispositivi utilizzati durante la navigazione sul nostro sito.

Come posso disabilitare i cookies?
La maggior parte dei browser accettano i cookies automaticamente, ma potete anche scegliere di non accettarli. Si consiglia di non disabilitare questa funzione, dal momento che ciò potrebbe impedire di muoversi liberamente da una pagina all’altra e di fruire di tutte le peculiarità del sito. Se non desiderate che il vostro computer riceva e memorizzi cookies, potete modificare le impostazioni di sicurezza del vostro browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc.). In ogni caso, si noti che determinate parti del nostro Sito possono essere utilizzate nella loro pienezza solo se il vostro browser accetta i cookies; in caso contrario, non sarete in grado di aggiungere prodotti al vostro carrello ed acquistarli (per esempio). Di conseguenza, la vostra scelta di rimuovere e non accettare cookies potrà influenzare negativamente la vostra permanenza sul nostro Sito. Se desiderate modificare le impostazioni dei vostri cookies, entrando nelle impostazioni dei vari browser, di seguito si riportano brevi istruzioni su come effettuare questa operazione nei quattro browser più diffusi:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Cliccare l’icona 'Strumenti' nell’angolo in alto a destra e selezionare 'Opzioni internet'. Nella finestra pop up selezionare 'Privacy'. Qui potrete regolare le impostazioni dei vostri cookie.

Google Chrome
Cliccare la chiave inglese nell’angolo in alto a destra e selezionare 'Impostazioni'. A questo punto selezionare 'Mostra impostazioni avanzate’ (“Under the hood'”) e cambiare le impostazioni della 'Privacy'.

Mozilla Firefox
Dal menu a tendina nell’angolo in alto a sinistra selezionare 'Opzioni'. Nella finestra di pop up selezionare 'Privacy'. Qui potrete regolare le impostazioni dei vostri cookies..

Dal menu di impostazione a tendina nell’angolo in alto a destra selezionare 'Preferenze'. Selezionare 'Sicurezza' e qui potrete regolare le impostazioni dei vostri cookies.

Per saperne di più riguardo ai cookie e come gestire o disabilitare quelli di terze parti o di marketing/retargeting, visita www.youronlinechoices
Per disabilitare i cookie analitici e per impedire a Google Analytics di raccogliere dati sulla tua navigazione, puoi scaricare il Componente aggiuntivo del browser per la disattivazione di Google Analytics:


Questo sito web utilizza i cookie. Utilizziamo cookie, anche di terze parti, sia tecnici che, previo consenso, di profilazione per personalizzare contenuti ed annunci, per fornire funzionalità dei social media e per analizzare il nostro traffico e monitorare il comportamento dei visitatori. Cliccando “Accetta” acconsenti all’uso di tutti i cookie che utilizziamo. Per selezionare in modo granulare soltanto alcune finalità o terze parti puoi cliccare su “Personalizza”. Per proseguire la navigazione mantenendo le impostazioni di default (solo i cookie necessari) clicca su “Chiudi e prosegui (solo necessari)”.Per saperne di più consulta la nostra Cookie Policy.

I cookie sono piccoli file di testo che possono essere utilizzati dai siti web per rendere più efficiente l'esperienza per l'utente. La legge afferma che possiamo memorizzare i cookie sul suo dispositivo se sono strettamente necessari per il funzionamento di questo sito. Per tutti gli altri tipi di cookie abbiamo bisogno del suo permesso. Questo sito utilizza diversi tipi di cookie. Alcuni cookie sono collocate da servizi di terzi che compaiono sulle nostre pagine. In qualsiasi momento è possibile modificare o revocare il proprio consenso dalla Dichiarazione dei cookie sul nostro sito Web. Scopra di più su chi siamo, come può contattarci e come trattiamo i dati personali nella nostra Informativa sulla privacy. Specifica l’ID del tuo consenso e la data di quando ci hai contattati per quanto riguarda il tuo consenso.

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I cookie necessari contribuiscono a rendere fruibile il sito web abilitandone funzionalità di base quali la navigazione sulle pagine e l'accesso alle aree protette del sito. Il sito web non è in grado di funzionare correttamente senza questi cookie.  

Nome Fornitore Scopo Scadenza Tipo
SameSite Webtrekk Garantisce la sicurezza della navigazione dei visitatori impedendo le falsificazioni delle richieste tra siti. Questo cookie è essenziale per la sicurezza del sito web e del visitatore. Session HTTP Cookie
__cf_bm Vimeo Questo cookie è usato per distinguere tra umani e robot. Questo è utile per il sito web, al fine di rendere validi rapporti sull'uso del sito. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
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__zlcstore Zendesk Questo cookie è necessario per garantire il funzionamento della funzione di chat nell’apposito riquadro sul sito. Persistent HTML Local Storage
AWSALB Sharethrough Registra quale server-cluster sta servendo il visitatore. Questo è usato nel contesto del bilanciamento del carico, al fine di ottimizzare l'esperienza dell'utente. 7 giorni HTTP Cookie
AWSALBCORS Sharethrough Registra quale server-cluster sta servendo il visitatore. Questo è usato nel contesto del bilanciamento del carico, al fine di ottimizzare l'esperienza dell'utente. 7 giorni HTTP Cookie
bscookie LinkedIn Questo cookie viene utilizzato per identificare l'utente attraverso un'applicazione. Ciò consente al utente di accedere ad un sito web tramite la sua applicazione LinkedIn, ad esempio. 1 anno HTTP Cookie
CookieConsent Cookiebot Memorizza lo stato del consenso ai cookie dell'utente per il dominio corrente 1 anno HTTP Cookie
frontend Memorizza un ID casuale che garantisce che un utente possa essere identificato in modo univoco come ospite o utente connesso. Funzioni come "Ultimi elementi visualizzati" o la conservazione dello stato di accesso sono collegati a questo cookie. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
gdpr ID5 Determina se il visitatore ha accettato la casella di consenso sui cookie. Ciò evita che la casella del consenso riappare al momento del rientro. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
id Mapp Preserva gli stati dell'utente nelle diverse pagine del sito. 1 anno HTTP Cookie
li_gc LinkedIn Memorizza lo stato del consenso ai cookie dell'utente per il dominio corrente 180 giorni HTTP Cookie
PHPSESSID Preserva gli stati dell'utente nelle diverse pagine del sito. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
r Mapp Garantisce la sicurezza della navigazione dei visitatori impedendo le falsificazioni delle richieste tra siti. Questo cookie è essenziale per la sicurezza del sito web e del visitatore. 7 giorni HTTP Cookie
SERVERID Eyeota Questo cookie viene utilizzato per assegnare il visitatore ad un server specifico; questa funzione è necessaria per garantire l’operatività del sito. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
session_id Preserva gli stati dell'utente nelle diverse pagine del sito. Persistent HTML Local Storage
tc_test_cookie [x2]
Questo cookie determina se il browser accetta i cookie. Session HTTP Cookie
tCdebugLib Individua e registra potenziali errori nelle funzioni messe a disposizione da terzi sul sito. Il cookie proviene dal tag manager del sito, che consente al proprietario del sito di implementare funzionalità e servizi di terze parti sul proprio sito. 30 giorni HTTP Cookie
Registra quale server-cluster sta servendo il visitatore. Questo è usato nel contesto del bilanciamento del carico, al fine di ottimizzare l'esperienza dell'utente. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
tmr_tcdhn Questo cookie determina se il browser accetta i cookie. 1 giorno HTTP Cookie
ts RTB House Questo cookie è necessario per la funzione di accesso PayPal sul sito web. 1 anno HTTP Cookie
u RTB House Necessario per la funzione di registrazione sul sito web. 1 anno HTTP Cookie
ZD-suid Zendesk ID univoco che identifica la sessione dell'utente. Persistent HTML Local Storage

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I cookie di preferenza consentono al sito web di memorizzare informazioni che ne influenzano il comportamento o l'aspetto, quali la lingua preferita o la località nella quale ti trovi.

Nome Fornitore Scopo Scadenza Tipo
__zlcstore Zendesk Necessario per la corretta funzionalità della chat-box del sito web. Session HTTP Cookie
remixlang Vk Determina la lingua preferita del visitatore. Consente al sito web di impostare la lingua preferita al rientro del visitatore. 1 anno HTTP Cookie
ZD-store Zendesk Registra se l'assistente di self-service Zendesk Answer Bot è stato visualizzato all'utente del sito web. Persistent HTML Local Storage