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Warranty and repairs

What warranty does Piquadro offer on its products?
Piquadro offers private customers a 24-month warranty on its products that covers any material and/or manufacturing defects. The warranty will be extended to 36 months if you have completed registration with the Piquadro Club by completely filling in the form contained in the product tags, signing it and returning it to us. Registration can also be done online, on the Piquadro website www.piquadro.com, in the My Piquadro section accessible by clicking the (LOGIN) button at the top right of the home page. Remember to authorise your consent to the processing of your personal data.
What procedure should I follow to request repair under warranty?
If you notice any material and/or manufacturing defects during the period of warranty, the damaged item can be returned at Piquadro's expense. Piquadro will then repair or, if necessary, replace the product. If you have made your purchase in the store, before sending the damaged item please completely fill in the appropriate request form and send it by fax, email or regular mail to the Piquadro customer service department. This request form must be accompanied by the purchase receipt or invoice. You can also fill the form by logging into your account by clicking the (LOGIN|REGISTER) button at the top right of the home page and entering the "Return Request" section. Prompt registration with the Piquadro Club will apply in the absence of any other proof of purchase. If you have purchased online, the procedure for requesting repair of your item follows: go to "Return Request" from the "FAQ" section or from My Piquadro and enter the ID code of your order together with your email address. Then fill in the return form. Be sure to select the items to be repaired and the nature of the defect. Returns sent directly to Piquadro without a Piquadro authorisation number will not be accepted. For any inconvenience or request, please contact our Customer Service at Piquadro.com; tel. +39 0534 409001
What does the warranty not cover?
Even though Piquadro products are made in compliance with strict quality standards and with the highest quality materials, they are not indestructible. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, accidents, abrasion, water, solvents, wear and tear and damage caused by carriers. The warranty does not even cover accidental damage such as breakage or loss of contents of a bag, loss of use or of time or other similar expenses.
What to do if I want Piquadro to repair an item not under warranty?
If the product is not covered by a warranty, the repair can still be made for a fee, provided that the part to be replaced is available. Piquadro will send you its cost estimate for approval. No out of warranty repair will be made without your prior consent.
How long does the repair take?
Repair time varies, depending on the quantity of goods to be handled and the nature of the work. Repair under warranty is approximately made within 40 days from when Piquadro S.p.A. receives the item. For repairs not covered by warranty, on the other hand, the repair work can begin only when Piquadro receives written approval of the estimate that was sent to you.
How can I request spare parts?
To request spare parts, please contact our customer care department that will be happy to provide you with explanations and assistance.
What products have a 5-year warranty?
Piquadro offers an extended 5-year warranty for some products of the travel category.
All travel products bearing the “Extended 5-year warranty” stamp on the product data sheet are included in this offer.