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Info Covid-19

Can I make an order? Will Piquadro deliver the parcel?

Yes, you can make an order on Piquadro, but your order will not be shipped immediately as is our usual practice. To apologize for this inconvenience, we are offering free shipping on all orders.

Can I cancel the order before it is shipped? Will the amount be returned to me immediately?

Absolutely yes. If you have made a purchase and you change your mind before it is shipped, you can request return of the amount at any time.

Is the returns service active?

Yes, the returns service is active, but it might be delayed. The period allowed to make returns has been extended to 30 days from the date the order is shipped. For more information, visit the FAQ “RETURNS AND RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL”

Why have you decided to suspend shipments?

In this emergency situation, we are currently unable to guarantee preparation of the parcels and their adequate delivery. Our in-house warehouse is temporarily closed, and all transport is busy supplying indispensable products and medical materials. We have therefore decided to interrupt all shipments for a few days in order to not further aggravate the word of shipping agents and to guarantee indispensable goods to those who need them.

How long will the suspension last?

Unfortunately at this time we do no not know how long it will take to resume shipping, but we are confident that we will soon become operational again.

Can I be notified when shipping resumes?

Of course. Subscribe to the Piquadro newsletter and you will receive an email as soon as the service is back in operation.