FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Online Shop - Billing and payment

What forms of payment are accepted?
You can pay for your online purchase only by VISA, American Express or Mastercard credit card, or through the Paypal system or Amazon Pay.
When will the amount be charged to my credit card?
The amount of your order will be charged to your credit card at the time of shipment.
Can I request an invoice?
The invoice can be requested when you make the order. You can enter the INVOICING ADDRESS on the checkout page. If you flag the item COMPANY, you can also enter your VAT number and tax ID. Remember that the invoice can be requested only at the time of purchase, and not afterwards.
Do the prices I see include VAT?
Our prices already include VAT. However, the price and VAT will be separate on the invoice you receive.
What is the deadline for requesting the invoice?
Re-invoicing can be requested only by the end of the month in which the order is made.