Our goal is to create a better future for the next generations. Every day we are building it.
Today for tomorrow. We measure our impact, then we take actions to reduce and offset it by supporting certified emission removals
projects as the Fazenda Nascente Do Luar reforestation project in Brazil.
As a result, we have achieved carbon neutrality within our operations as the Piquadro Group for our emissions (Scope 1 and 2).


Fazenda nascente do Luar

Thousands of hectares are logged every year in the Cerrado biome in Brazil, causing terrible damage to the environment and its inhabitants. The FNL project recovered 342 hectares of degraded land by planting nearly 430,000 trees in the area, and today the project also protects an area of 1,150 hectares of native forest. In addition, the forest locally brings tangible benefits to the microclimate of the region, contributing to a lower evaporation of water, lower soil reflectivity and lower average annual temperatures.


Cerrado Biome: the world’s most biodiverse savanna

Located between the Amazon, Atlantic Forests and Pantanal, the Cerrado harbours 5% of the world’s species and 30% of Brazil’s biodiversity. The FNL reforestation project has led to the birth of a new type of landscape, characterised by a mosaic composed of natural forest and planted forest. Thanks to this new regenerated landscape, wildlife has progressively returned to the project zone.


Well-being of all community workers and their families

New job opportunities for the local communities.
Strong empowerment through training and knowledge learning in agroforestry management, resulting in a better quality of life for workers and their families. Project activities made it possible to achieve 6 of the 17 sustainable development goals established by the United Nations.

Setting the highest standards of responsibility

Together with the offsetting of the carbon footprint related to company activities, the Piquadro Group takes on another important commitment to
environmental sustainability: it will gradually begin to offset the CO2 emissions related to the production of some products among the best sellers
of the three brands. Piquadro will thus be one of the first companies in the world, not only in its sector, to have embraced such a level of commitment.

Compensated products

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