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Online Shop - Security and privacy

Are my credit card data protected?
In order to ensure utmost peace of mind, Piquadro uses a "secure payment" system. Your credit card data are protected because they are communicated directly to the bank. They are then routed by the bank through international authorisation circuits that return the transaction result and confirm whether or not payment was successful. In this way no one outside the credit institution that handles the payment (Monetaweb or Paypal) can have access to your card data. Moreover, protection is enhanced by using the most common security system for data encryption, SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) with the 256-bit Triple DES algorithm, a recognised security standard on the web and issued by Verisign.
What happens to my personal data?
Piquadro is committed to making sure that your personal information remain safe and are not used improperly. To learn more about protecting your privacy, please visit the section "Legal aspects" within the FAQ section.