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Maintenance and cleaning

What is the proper way to clean my Piquadro products?
We suggest you follow these simple tips for proper cleaning and to ensure that your purchase lasts for a long time.
Maintenance of fabric parts
To clean the fabric, we recommend you use a damp sponge with water and mild soap. Do not use soap or water directly on the product. Gently rub the fabric and then rinse with a clean damp sponge, then dab with a cotton cloth. Let the fabric dry while avoiding direct contact with sources of heat or sunlight. We recommend that you pad the product well while it is drying to help it retain its original shape. If after cleaning slight marks or areas having a slightly different colour should appear, perform the procedure on a larger surrounding area to make sure the product has a uniform appearance. To avoid marks or discolouration, do not use chemicals or solvents of any kind. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
Maintenance for leather parts
The leather is a "live" material, so any small imperfections, spots or grains are a distinctive feature of the leather and guarantee the absence of synthetic finishing substances. To maintain the original characteristics of the leather unaltered over time, we recommend using only specific neutral wax-based fluid products that do not contain solvents, benzene or alcohol for its cleaning. Use a small quantity of product on a soft cloth, never directly on the leather, and apply it gently on the area with small circular movements. Do not immerse the product in water. If it comes into contact with water, dry it quickly by dabbing with a dry cotton cloth, without rubbing. Do not expose the product to sources of direct heat. Do not iron. Remember that leather might release traces of colour as a result of repeated rubbing on clothing.