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BAGMOTIC Battery Pack

Can I take my Bagmotic Battery Pack on the plane?
In view of the presence of a lithium recharge battery in the Battery Pack of the Bagmotic line, the following instructions must be followed for air transport:
- the Battery Pack can be taken into the cabin inside carry on luggage;
- the Battery Pack must have enough charge so that it can be turned on for any necessary checks by airline crew.
In any case, it is the owner’s responsibility to look into any other specific instructions and/or restrictions enforced by the airline or competent authorities.
What are the technical specifications of the Bagmotic Battery Pack?
Technical characteristics:
- Voltage: 5V
- Capacity: 6000 mAh, 22.2Wh
- Triple Coil Wireless Transmitter (top side with logo)
- Wireless Receiver (bottom side)
- 1 1.5A USB port for SMARTPHONE recharging (1) (symbol: thunderbolt)
- 1 Micro-USB port (2)
- 1 400mAh USB port for LED power supply (3) (symbol: light bulb)
- 1 Bluetooth button
- 1 Pairing indicator light
What can I do with the CONNEQU App and my Bagmotic Battery Pack?
Thanks to the Piquadro CONNEQU App, you can:
- check the charge status of your Battery Pack and you will be warned by a message when it drops below 20% and below 10%;
- check the most recent positions of your Battery Pack
- disable the wireless charging function;
- turn the Battery Pack on and off;
- turn on the low consumption light source, if any, connected to the specific USB port (symbol: light bulb).
How do I pair the Battery Pack with the CONNEQU App?
After you have opened the Battery Pack pairing page:
- be sure that the Bluetooth of your smartphone is enabled;
- by briefly pressing the round button between the USB ports, start the Bluetooth pairing procedure (the white LED stays on until the pairing procedure has completed);
- press the “start pairing” button.
If the pairing procedure does not complete, try to:
- start the Battery Pack reset procedure by pressing the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds (its resetting is confirmed when the white LED flashes 4 times)
- restart the app after disabling and re-enabling the Bluetooth peripheral of the smartphone
- move away from other Bluetooth devices.
How do I charge the Piquadro Battery Pack?
The Battery Pack recharges:
- wirelessly when resting on and aligned with a compatible transmitter;
- via cable with a wall power supply unit (5V 2A) through the dedicated micro-USB port.
The LED flashes, turning on and off every second, during the Battery Pack charge.
The Battery Pack also recharges when off (both via cable and wireless)
- let the Battery Pack charge for at least 12 hours before using the first time and pairing it with the Piquadro CONNEQU App the first time. You can check the status directly on the Piquadro CONNEQU App for its subsequent charges.
- do not let the Battery Pack run down completely with each use; charge it before the remaining capacity is completely depleted;
- avoid charging the Battery Pack by cable and wireless receiver at the same time;
- do not use the other functions (for example, do not charge a smartphone) while the Battery Pack is charging.
How do I turn on and turn off my Battery Pack?
Here are a few suggestions for turning on and turning off your Battery Pack:
- you turn on the power bank by quickly pressing the Bluetooth button (less than one second). When the Battery Pack is on, the LED emits a short flashing every 3 seconds.
- you turn off the device (3 flashings of the LED) by pressing the Bluetooth button 4 seconds.
- you start the Battery Pack reset procedure by pressing the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds (its resetting is confirmed when the white LED flashes 4 times).
If the Battery Pack switches off while charging a device via cable, it will continue to charge until it is disconnected or until when the battery of the Battery Pack runs down completely. The Battery Pack will entirely switch off within a few seconds when the device being charged is disconnected. We recommend that you always turn off the Battery Pack when not in use.
How do I put the Bagmotic Battery Pack in stand-by mode?
The Battery Pack will switch itself off after one hour of non-use, but it will continue to charge any external device already connected to it until it is disconnected. The Bluetooth peripheral of the Battery Pack is always activated. To interrupt the stand-by mode, press the specific button on the CONNEQU App on the Battery Pack page.
How do I turn off the Bluetooth peripheral of the Bagmotic Battery Pack?
The Bluetooth peripheral of the Battery Pack always remains activated so that the Battery Pack can properly communicate with the CONNEQU App.