FAQ Frequently asked questions


Can I take my Bagmotic backpack on the plane?
In view of the presence of a lithium recharge battery (power bank) in the trolley and backpack of the Bagmotic line, the following instructions must be followed for air transport:
- the backpack can be taken into the cabin as carry on luggage;
- if the backpack is checked in to be placed in the hold, the power bank must be removed and taken into the cabin;
- the power bank must have enough charge so that it can be turned on for any necessary checks by airline crew.
In any case, it is the owner’s responsibility to look into any other specific instructions and/or restrictions enforced by the airline or competent authorities.
What will I find in my Bagmotic backpack?
You will find the Piquadro Battery Pack already connected to the expansion plate inside your backpack, positioned on the outside.
How does my Bagmotic backpack work?
To use all the functions of your Bagmotic backpack, you have to download the Piquadro CONNEQU App available on Play Store and App Store. The Piquadro CONNEQU App functions with iOs systems (iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5 gen, iPad 3 gen and all later versions) and Android systems (Samsung Galaxy S3/ S4/ Note 2/ Note 3 and all later versions. For the other Android devices from release 4.3 and later versions). It does not work with Windows phones/tablets and Blackberry.
What can I do with the CONNEQU App and my Bagmotic backpack?
Thanks to the Piquadro CONNEQU App, you can:
- check the charge status of your Battery Pack and you will be warned by a message when it drops below 20% and below 10%;
- turn on and turn off the light in the front pocket of your backpack;
- check the most recent positions of your backpack;
- turn the Battery Pack on and off.
Why doesn’t the light on my backpack work?
To turn the LED light of your Bagmotic backpack on, you must first make sure that the power bank it is paired with is on (using the specific button in the App) and then check that the power bank is not being charged.