Rocco Ravà

Explorer and Geographer


Matteo Sarzana


Business Man

Pierluigi Coscarella

Sailor e Strategist

Sport Chic

Emma Watkinson


Business Woman

Paolo Troilo



The journey continues. Passengers 2 takes us back into the real lives of five unique characters who are very different from each other in terms of profession, interests and lifestyle. Their stories bring to life the paths that made them who they are and that led them to discover their personal styles. Their distinctions reveal the different product lines, the design, the quality of the materials, the technology and everything that has always inspired Piquadro’s creations: travel.

The Passengers are dynamic, modern and tech-oriented men and women keen on design. They are both business people and real people, pro and travellers. They are always in search of a style that rapresents them: each of them has a unique life’s journey to tell.