PC cabin hardside spinner with iPad®Air/ Pro 10,5
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PC cabin hardside spinner with iPad®Air/ Pro 10,5 Seeker

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PC cabin hardside spinner with iPad®Air/ Pro 10,5 compartment, shock absorbing protection, TSA lock
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    Adhesion of coating tensile seam breaking test
    Allows for the determination of the resistance to breakage for all materials used in the products or the resistance of the adhesion between the fabric and its support. The samples, cut on both the warp and on the weft, are placed between the clamps of a tensor.
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    Handle jerk test
    The purpose is to evaluate the strength and resistance of the handles and straps. After the product is loaded, it is closed and its handle/strap is fixed to the test machine's "J-hook" and subjected to numerous stresses.
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    Mileage test
    This allows for the evaluation of the product's structural integrity and its resistance at the attachment points: wheels, handles and parts that are subject to impact. The loaded product is closed and then runs a 32km course of short and long obstacles along a transport belt.
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    Tumble test
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    Straight drop test
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Material details

The Seeker travel line is made in lightweight polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant grain. Every model is made in a wide range of matt colours that start from the basics and reach fun shades like red and orange. Twin wheels make the products stable and very quiet.