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Style and Functionality: perfect men’s wallets for every occasion

If you are looking for that perfect wallet to meet all your needs, then Piquadro is the right place to shop. This essential, practical and beautiful accessory represents the essence of every man’s individual style. The Piquadro selection offers a wide range of state-of-the art products, created with exceptional materials and an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

For those looking for a unique style, the leather wallet is a classic and unrivalled option. Made in high-quality leather and with its unique Italian design, it offers surprising strength and a sophisticated appearance that improves over time.


Our men’s wallet in recycled fabric is ideal for those who believe in a sustainable future. In fashion and respectful of the environment, this model is as long-lasting as the leather one, but with the plus of being eco-friendly.


We haven't overlooked its practical function: the wallet with coin pocket organises all your change in the best possible way, whereas the card holder wallet is perfect for someone managing multiple cards or badges and wanting to always have them close at hand. Both models also come in a longer version, for those preferring to have more space available. These wallets are especially handy for people leading a fast-paced life and want to have everything quickly and simply accessible.


Besides the quality of the materials, our accessories stand out because of their intelligent design. Internal compartments and pockets help you organise your banknotes, coins, credit cards and documents with ease. Everything remains on hand and this reduces the risk of loss or theft, with every item organised efficiently in its place.


For those intent on security, we offer the men's wallet with RFID anti-fraud protection, created specifically to safeguard your credit cards from unwanted exposure, thus also protecting your personal data.


Our men’s wallets are not only practical, but also a symbol of prestige and style. Carrying a Piquadro accessory will make you stand out from the masses and show your refined taste. Elegance is in the details: our men’s billfold wallet or the men’s wallet with zip, are stylish while providing added physical protection for your documents.


If you travel often, the travel wallet can be extremely useful for keeping your passport, tickets, bookings and other important documents in a safe place. The Piquadro wallets with document holders also have compartments for money or travel cards, simplifying the organisation of cash and the necessary documents. The many men’s wallet models available also include one with a removable document holder, so that everything is on hand in a single, elegant accessory.


Our collection encompasses style and functionality, ensuring that there is a perfect option for every individual. Using a Piquadro men’s wallet offers a number of significant benefits. These wallets are designed with their functionality and organisation in mind, and to provide protection for your cards and documents. Besides being made from high-quality materials, they help keep everything accessible and in order, thanks to the dedicated compartments. Whether you use them every day or on your travels, the Piquadro men’s wallets offer you a practical solution and design, combining style and functionality.