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Gift certificates

Method to use coupons
"To use a coupon, you have to follow these instructions: 1) If you are not yet registered, register on the www.piquadro.com website by clicking the LOG IN button found in the header. (https://www.piquadro.com/it/customer/account/login/ ) 2) After you gain access (or have completed registration), enable the coupon in the section “GIFT COUPONS” of your reserved area (https://www.piquadro.com/it/customer/giftcoupon/). 3) Access the Piquadro online shop https://www.piquadro.com/it/ 4) Make your purchase by normally adding products to the shopping cart and then when you check out choose to pay using the coupon credit. The order amount will be zero up to the limit covered by the coupon and no payment will be requested (the total amount of the coupon will be deducted from the purchase value). In the case of purchases of an amount greater than the coupon value in the same order, the usual payment procedure will be enabled for the surplus amount. Remember that the coupon has to be spent all at one time, it cannot be accumulated with other discounts or promotions in progress (sales, for example), does not give you the right to a balance and does not include the shipping costs. "
General conditions to use coupons
" The coupon entitles you to purchase one or more Piquadro products through the online channel for a total price equivalent to that of the coupon. You can also purchase products with a higher price, it being understood that in this case you will have to pay the difference. Use of the coupon is subject to the following terms and conditions: a) the coupon cannot be accumulated with other Piquadro discounts or promotions in progress e.g. sales); b) the coupon does not entitle you to a balance and does not include shipping costs; c) the coupon must be used before and no later than the expiration date. Failure to conclude a contract of sale of one or more products by the expiration date will make it definitively impossible to use the coupon and will not give you the right to have the relative amount newly credited, to a replacement reward or to any other type of indemnity; d) the coupon cannot be converted into cash, cannot be split and is strictly personal. Therefore, the coupon can only be used by the person to whom it is given and it cannot be transferred to third parties. It will not be possible to get any refund from Piquadro in the case of theft or loss. The sale of Piquadro products paid with the coupon is regulated by the General Conditions found on the website and that regulate the sale of online products; "