Expandable, horizontal shopping bag

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Expandable, horizontal shopping bag Deneb


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Product code: BD3091S72 Available colours:
  • Scarlet
  • violet
  • giallo limone
  • cobalt blue
  • black
  • Apple green

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Additional info

Expandable, horizontal shopping bag

Product features

  • Weight560 g
  • Size39,00 x 28,00 x 8,50 (cm)
  • Number of dividers 1
  • Type of construction soft
  • Additional information about construction horizontal
  • Thickness of the article with gusset
  • Manufacturing mixed
  • Closure single
  • Type of lock zippered
  • Material cuero
  • Number of handles 2
  • Type of handles sawn
  • Mobile holder features interior mobile phone pocket
  • Utility pocket fisso
  • Expandable Yes

Material Details

The Deneb line is characterized by the special colour contrasts created by combining a leather with a uniform grain and one with a smooth surface, in different shades. The primary leather is subjected to drumming wich gives it a soft and delicate feel.

Product tests

  • Ph test<br/>This allows for the determination of the actual pH value of leather that should be between 3.5 and 4.5
  • Handle jerk test<br/>The purpose is to evaluate the strength and resistance of the handles and straps. After the product is loaded, it is closed and its handle/strap is fixed to the test machine's
  • Oxidatio test<br/>Establishes the propensity of oxidation of the metallic surfaces due to contact with skin or water. No oxidation is permitted.
  • Colourfastness to water / to perspiration test <br/>Serves to determine the product's colourfastness upon contact with water and perspiration. The fabrics used in clothing are checked for any colour transfer.
  • Veslic test<br/>It's useful to estimate the resistance of any type of leather to wearing, scraping or colour rubbing. The leather's sample is tested dry, damp and also under a removable weight of 1 Kg
  • Water staining test<br/>The leather's response to stains is determined pouring small drops of water on its surface and then checking it every 30 minutes and after 24 hours. No stain, mark or wave is allowed on the leather.
  • Cross cut test<br/>The resistance of the metal accessory's finish is evaluation by simulating normal deterioration. An incision is made using a cutter and the behaviour of the finish is noted.
  • Salt spray test<br/>It establishes the tendency of metallic surfaces towards oxidation or damage to the finish due to salt spray (spray at 47°C - test duration: 24h). No oxidation is permitted.
  • Tape test<br/>Checks the resistance of the leather's finish. A layer of adhesive tape is applied and the leather is checked after it has been ripped off.

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