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Legal aspects

General contract conditions

1) General information The products presented on the e-commerce website www.piquadro.com are offered by Piquadro S.p.A., company registered with the Bologna Trade Register with tax code 02554531208 and VAT no. 02554531208. The registered office is in Silla di Gaggio Montano, Loc. Sassuriano, 246 (BO), Italy (“Piquadro”).The email address is piquadro@piquadro.com. The telephone number is +0039 0534 409001 and the fax number is +0039 0534 409090. Purchases made using the Internet on the e-commerce website are regulated by the Italian law and these contractual conditions, provided on the website when the order is made (“General Conditions”). Any dispute that may arise on the completion, interpretation and execution of a sale stipulated via Piquadro e-commerce will be referred to the sole jurisdiction of the Italian judicial authorities.
2) Users and Orders Only end consumers may use the Piquadro e-commerce website. End consumers are natural persons of age who act with purposes not concerning a business, entrepreneurial, artisan and/or professional activity carried on, and who fall within the definition of "consumers" contained in Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 as amended (the “Consumer Code”). Piquadro shall regard and take into consideration only purchase orders having the following characteristics as being valid and effective:
- the orders can come only from the following countries - and a relevant price list for each of which will be specified -: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Finland, Luxembourg, USA, Switzerland, Poland, Rumania, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Croatia;
- the orders can be processed only if they are for 10 items at the most, and in any case for a total maximum value of € 10,500.00;
- Piquadro will process the orders only if shipment is requested within the territory of the price list from which the order is made.
All orders that do not have the characteristics listed above will not be accepted, and if they are accepted, Piquadro may be consider them invalid and ineffectual. Piquadro reserves the right to not process orders that do not have the characteristics listed above. It is also understood that Piquadro may not process the order and/or may consider it ineffectual when there is no possibility to verify that the shipping address and invoicing information is correct, or if the order has been made for the purpose of re-sale, in which case Piquadro reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and with simple notification in writing sent by email.
3) Prices The purchase prices of the Piquadro products will be specific for each country from which the order arrives and will include any taxes due. Piquadro may apply special promotions to one or more products on the website that alter their prices. The essential characteristics of the products and prices are provided on the product sheet on the website, to which the user must gain access before executing the order. The images of the products might not fully match the actual products.
4) Shipments Costs for shipping the product will be borne by the user of the e-commerce service, and they will be explicitly indicated at the time the product is purchased. Piquadro undertakes to enter into a shipping contract with a primary company as the user's appointee, taking the conditions the carrier applies into account. The user:
- may specify that the purchase be shipped to an address other than that of the account holder of the order and/or that specified for billing (however within the borders of the same country);
- must specify a shipping address where someone is always available to collect the package. If someone is not at the address indicated for collection, an address other than that of residence where the required condition is met must be indicated;
- Piquadro will normally process the order within 48 hours after receiving payment confirmation. The estimated time for delivery depends on the carrier selected. Once shipment has been made, Piquadro will also automatically send an email containing all information the user needs to track the order, including the direct link to the portal of DHL or the other carrier selected for immediate checking of the delivery status. In any case, Piquadro is not responsible for non-delivery and/or delayed delivery of the package if the collection procedure described above is not observed or if the customer has provided incorrect information;
- if the items ordered are not delivered within 10 business days from the order confirmation data, the user may personally contact the Piquadro customer service department. The order status and/or shipment status will be verified through the shipping company. In any case, the products will be delivered in the shortest time possible and within the legal deadline (i.e., pursuant to Art. 61 of the Italian Consumer Code, 30 days from the Delivery Date). To check which countries to which shipments can be sent, Click here.
5) Filling in orders To finalise the purchase contract, the user has to complete the order procedure by filling in all sections on the website and confirm payment for the order on the website of the selected payment entity. It is understood that orders coming from countries other than those indicated and having characteristics different from those described above (in terms of quantity and shipping address) shall in no case whatsoever be accepted.
6) Instructions for filling in orders and information Before filling in the order, the user should go to the FAQ section where Piquadro's identity and address, including email address), shipping costs, all other information on executing the contract, right of withdrawal and methods and deadlines for returning the product if the right is exercised, and all the other information on the General Conditions. The user can store and/or print the General Conditions
7) Instructions for filling in orders and technical information The user may also go to the FAQ section where further instructions to follow for finalising the contract and on technical means to use to correct any errors before forwarding the order can be found.
8) Orders and Information Concise information on the product features, price, shipping costs, delivery method and payment for the product is provided during the order procedure.
9) Filling in orders and liability To finalise the purchase contract, the order procedure and payment on the website of the selected entity must first be completed. Both operations must be carried out following the instructions provided on the website. If due to a typing error or for any other reason the user does not want to complete orders in terms of characteristics, quantities and/or prices, the user should not complete the procedure. The user is responsible for the correctness of the information provided during the order and payment procedure, and Piquadro assumes no responsibility for "undesired" orders sent by error and/or by minors, and will execute them in compliance with the information provided by the user and may demand payment of the agreed-on consideration.If while filling in the order and finalising the contract the user should notice that the price of one or more products he or she plans to select for the next purchase is clearly lower than that normally applied, net of any discounts and/or promotions in effect at that time, due to an evident technical problem on the website, the user is asked to not complete the purchase order and to notify the above-mentioned technical error to Piquadro by sending an email to piquadro@piquadro.com. If the user has completed the purchase order and a product whose price is clearly lower than that normally applied, net of any discounts and/or promotions in effect at that time, due to an evident technical problem on the website:
(a) if the user has not yet received the product, Piquadro will (i) cancel the order whose delivery will therefore not be made while at the same time sending a notification stating such by email to the email address the user specified when filling in and transmitting the order and (ii) refund the user payments made with regard to the cancelled order, including delivery costs, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from cancellation of the order, using the same means of payment the user had used for the initial transaction;
(b) if the user has received the product, Piquadro will promptly inform the user by email of the error that had occurred at the time the order was completed and will offer the user the alternative options of (i) paying Piquadro the amount corresponding to the difference between the correct price of the product and the incorrect price indicated on the purchase order before and no later than 5 (five) days using one of the methods of payment available, or (ii) cancelling the order following the instructions contained in the notification and returning the product to Piquadro at Piquadro's expense before and no later than 14 (fourteen) days, sending it to Piquadro damage-free and complete with all its elements and accessories (including the labels and tags unaltered and attached to the product), and with the enclosed instructions/notes/manuals, original wrappings and packaging and the certificate of warranty together with the return form, appropriately filled in, found attached to the email sent by Piquadro. If the user has selected the option described in foregoing point (b) (ii), Piquadro will refund the user the payments made in connection with the cancelled order, including the delivery costs, without undue delay and, in any case, not after 14 days from cancellation of the order, using the same means of payment the user used for the initial transaction.
10) Filing of orders The order confirmation and relevant data are filed in the Piquadro electronic data bank for the period necessary for processing the order, and however for the period required by law. The user will be sent an order confirmation via email with all the reference data of the order. Registered users can also view these data in the My Piquadro section.
11) Finalisation of contract Lastly, the contract is finalised between the time Piquadro electronically receives the order confirmation and the time Piquadro receives confirmation of payment from the selected entity, subject to verification that the data entered are correct. Piquadro is entitled to refuse the order by notifying such by email within 2 days from its receipt, in the event of incorrect data or the forwarding of an incorrect and/or invalid credit card code to the selected entity.
12) Non-availability of products If the products displayed on the Piquadro e-commerce website are no longer available, Piquadro will notify any non-availability of products in stock within 30 days from the date the order is received. If the product price has already been paid, Piquadro will return the paid sum. In this case, Piquadro shall owe nothing by way of compensation for damages or any other right.
13) Legal warranty Piquadro warrants compliance of its products with what is stated on the relevant product sheet displayed on the website for a period of two years, and in accordance with Art. 128-135 of the Italian Consumer Code to which the reader is referred. The warranty does not cover damage caused by mistreatment of the Products, misuse, accidents, water, solvents, wear and tear, damage caused by carriers and, in any case, damage arising from third-party factors not attributable to compliance defects of the products. Without prejudice to cases of fraud or gross negligence, damages caused by compliance defects of the Products and that consist of the loss of the product content and those consequent to the impossibility to use the product shall however not be refunded.
14) Additional warranty In the case of compliance defect, and provided that this defect is not due to the same causes that debar the legal warranty pursuant to the foregoing article, the purchaser may exercise the additional warranty in place of the legal warranty, which is provided by Piquadro by contacting the Piquadro customer service department, which will report the claimed defect by fax or email. This warranty, which lasts two years from the date the purchase is made and that will be extended another 36 months if the user registers with the Piquadro Club, involves releasing the user's claim from the periods of limitation provided for by Art. 132 of the Italian Consumer Code, if granted. The user will have the right to repair and/or replacement of the product and the relevant costs, including those covering transport, will be borne by Piquadro. The user may register with Piquadro Club by totally filling in, signing and returning the form in the product tag inside the Piquadro package. As an alternative, the user may also register online on the website www.piquadro.com in the Piquadro Club section, giving authorisation to the processing of personal data.
15) How to activate the additional warranty The additional warranty is given only after the defect is reported and after submitting one of the following documents to Piquadro, which are unavoidable conditions for gaining access to the service: warranty coupon inside the package with date of purchase confirmed by the reseller's stamp, receipt, invoice or e-commerce order code. It is necessary to totally fill in the specially provided request form and send it by fax or email to the Piquadro customer service department. The form must be accompanied by one of the documents listed above. Only after the requested documents have been properly and totally received will Piquadro issue a return authorisation number that the user must affix to the package with which the product is returned. In this case, the transport costs will be borne by Piquadro. Warranty claims submitted in another manner will not be accepted. If, then, the user is mistakenly admitted to the service, Piquadro may charge the user the transport costs borne. If the product arriving at Piquadro is not covered by a warranty because there are no compliance defects attributable to Piquadro described in point 13 above, the repair and/or replacement may however be carried out at the user's expense, provided the product is reparable and/or replacement is possible. In this case Piquadro will send a repair and/or replacement cost estimate to the user, which has to be returned to Piquadro by whoever is requesting the service by way of acceptance. No repair and/or replacement not covered by the warranty will be made without the prior consent of the person requesting it. The time required for repair and/or replacement varies, depending on the type of intervention and product availability. Repair under warranty is approximately carried out within 3 weeks from receipt of the product and/or, in the case of repairs not under warranty, from receipt of the user's approval in writing of the cost estimate. Repairs no under warranty will start only when Piquadro receives the approval in writing of the cost estimate sent by the user.
16) Payments Payment for online purchases made on the Piquadro website can be made only with a Visa - American Express - Mastercard credit card through the Setefi system, or through the Paypal system. The amount of the order will be debited on the credit car only at the time of shipment. Payment for orders is made outside the Piquadro systems (inside the Setefi and Paypal servers), so it is in no way the data controller or processor of the bank data or data of the credit card with which payment is made.
17) Withdrawal The purchase has the right to withdraw from the contract stipulated with Piquadro within 14 business days from delivery of the products without any penalty and/or justification. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchaser must send a notice by registered letter with advice of receipt, in which he or she explicitly declares the wish to return the product(s) ordered within 14 days from the date the goods are received. The notice may also be sent by fax and/or email provided it is confirmed with registered letter with advice of receipt within the following 48 hours. In the case multiple products have been purchased, withdrawal may be exercised also for just some of them. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the user must return the purchased product to Piquadro at his or her expense by sending it to Piquadro within 14 days from the date the right of withdrawal is exercised. All goods must be sent to Piquadro's address. In order to be able to return the purchased products, they must arrive at the above-mentioned address in a perfect state of preservation. The product must be sent back with the original product packaging and with the product tag. To return the product, the steps listed in the return procedure must be followed. They are found in the FAQ section.
17 bis) Exclusion of right of withdrawal for customised products and the Sartoria line The products the user ordered are customised and/or made to measure based on the selections the purchaser has made. For this reason the user's right of withdrawal is expressly excluded, pursuant and consequent to the effects of Art. 59, letter c) of the Italian Consumer Code.
18) ReturnsThe purchaser is responsible for returning the products packed in the original box in order to prevent the goods from arriving at destination in a deteriorated condition. Only if the original packing is unusable may the purchaser use another box that has the same size and sturdiness. Return shipments made with methods other than those specified above, the only ones authorised, will not be accepted. Products cannot be returned following withdrawal with costs borne by the recipient. Once the return has arrived at destination, Piquadro will check the legitimacy of the return and once correctness of the operations has been checked, it will send the user a confirmation email. The amount paid will be charged back through the system with which payment was made. The chargeback usually is made within 14 days from when Piquadro is notified of the withdrawal and when Piquadro has received the product returned by the purchaser, whichever is later.
19) Disputes Every contract of sale finalised between Piquadro and the purchaser pursuant to these General Conditions will be regulated and interpreted in compliance with Italian laws, and with the Italian Consumer Code in particular. In any case, the right attributed to the purchaser by binding provisions of law in effect in the purchaser's country will not be affected. The purchaser is entitled to go to the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (the European ODR Platform) to settle any dispute with Piquadro. For more information about the European ODR Platform or to start an alternative termination procedure for a dispute regarding the contract with Piquadro through it, the purchaser must go to the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. Piquadro's email address to specify on the European ODR Platform is the following: customerservice@piquadro.it

Right of cancellation
The purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the contract entered into with Piquadro within 14 working days from delivery of the merchandise without being liable to pay any penalty and/or give any grounds. In order to exercise his right to withdraw, the user must send, within 14 days from receipt of the merchandise, a notice by registered letter with return receipt in which he expressly declares that he wishes to return what was ordered. The notice may also be sent by fax or e-mail provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with return receipt within the next 48 hours. If more than one product has been purchased, the right of withdrawal may only be exercised over some of them. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the user must return the merchandise purchased to Piquadro at his own expense, sending the seller the items within 30 days from the date on which the right is exercised. All goods must be sent to the offices of Piquadro S.p.A.. To return the goods, the products purchased must reach the above-mentioned addresses in a normal state of preservation. The product must be sent back in its original packaging and accompanied by the product card. When returning the product, the user must follow the steps indicated in the return procedure accessible through the FAQ -> Returned goods section. The merchandise must be packaged (at the purchaser’s expense) in the original box to avoid any damage during transportation. Only if the original box is no longer usable can a box of a similar size and strength be used. Consignments made using methods other than those described above, which are the only procedures authorised, will not be accepted. Merchandise cannot be returned upon withdrawal at the consignee’s expense. Once the returned goods have reached their destination, Piquadro will check them to ascertain whether they have been rightly sent and, once it has verified that operations have been completed correctly, it will send the user confirmation by e-mail. Amounts paid will be reaccredited through the system with which the payment was originally made.
General Conditions of Use
Access to and use of the website www.piquadro.com are governed by the following General Conditions of Use. Accessing, browsing and purchasing products on this website require that these General Conditions of Use be read, understood and accepted. Piquadro S.p.A. reserves the right to update and amend, in whole or in part, these conditions without prior notice. These changes and updates will be binding as soon as they are published on www.piquadro.com in this same section. Therefore, we invite you to regularly access it to take cognizance of the General Conditions of Use of www.piquadro.com in force. If you need help, please visit the FAQ area, where you can find information on orders, shipments, refunds and returning products purchased on www.piquadro.com. We remind you that you will be solely responsible for use non-compliant with the laws of the website www.piquadro.com and its content in force. Piquadro S.p.A. cannot in any way be held responsible for improper use of the website and its content by its users. You will also be considered solely responsible for communication of information and data that are false. incorrect or relating to third parties without their express consent, as well as for any misuse of such data. We invite you to carefully read the Privacy Policy, which also applies in the event that you enter www.piquadro.com even if you do not purchase any products. The Privacy Policy helps you understand how Piquadro S.p.A. collects and uses your personal information. The content of www.piquadro.com, such as, without limitation, the works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, published on www.piquadro.com, including the web pages, graphics, colours, sketches, tools, fonts and design of the website, diagrams, the layout, methods, processes, functions and software are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right of Piquadro SpA. Reproduction, in whole or in part and in any form, of www.piquadro.com and its content is prohibited without the express consent in writing of Piquadro S.p.A. Piquadro S.p.A. does not control linked websites and their content. Therefore, it cannot be held responsible for the content of such sites and the rules they have adopted for the protection of your personal sphere and the processing of your data during navigation.
Privacy Policy

Notice, pursuant to and for the purposes referred to in Article 13, Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003.

In compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196 dated June 30, 2003,  (Privacy Act), we are providing you with the necessary information regarding the purposes and methods used for processing the personal data you provide, as well as its communication and diffusion, the nature of the data in our possession and its distribution.

Piquadro Spa treats your personal information with great care. This privacy notice establishes the Piquadro Spa privacy policy which regulates the password protected areas of the Piquadro Spa websites through which Piquadro Spa collects personal information. By accessing or using any of the sites mentioned above, the user also expressly accepts the terms of this privacy policy. If you disagree with any of the terms in this privacy policy, please do not use the sites or do not provide your personal information. Some services may require the provision of personal data.

Personal data

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" means any information through which you can be personally identified, and includes, but is not limited to, your name, surname, address, phone number or mobile number, e-mail address, age, date of birth, gender, profession, data and details on products, product preferences, satisfaction in relation to the products, language, driving experience and the like, photos and stories, etc.

The Piquadro Spa privacy policy governs the processing of personal data, including, for example, but not limited to the collection, use, storage and protection of information provided by and/or collected from the user for the purposes set out below

Purposes for the data processing, which you consent to where required (Article 23 Legislative Decree no. 196/03)

 a)  Managing processing of data related to:

•             registration on this website, to purchase products;

•             activities closely linked and instrumental to the management of the relations of on-line purchasing and conclusion of a contract, performance of operations based on the obligations arising from contracts, accounting operations (invoices, payments), data transfers to countries outside the EU within the limits of the law);

•             the supply of goods and for the protection of rights arising from it and thus to ensure the performance of all activities related to the execution of the agreement and fulfil the related obligations, as well as for anonymous statistical surveys;

•             processing of requests for information;

 b)  Managing processing of data related to:

•             promotional communications that may be personalised for informational purposes through the sending of advertising posters and promotional paper documents, e-mails, newsletters, invitations;

•             any programs and competitions;

 Without prior consent from the user, his/her personal data will not be used for any of the purposes referred to in point b). At the time the personal information is provided, the user has the right to opt for this service.

Consent will be requested for any other purposes.

Data processing and storage methods

Processing will be carried out electronically, automatically and/or manually, using methods and tools aimed at ensuring maximum security and confidentiality, by persons authorised to do so in compliance with the requirements of Art. 31 et seq. LD 196/03. Data will be stored at our headquarters in Gaggio Montano (BO) or at the premises of third parties identified from time to time to perform services to be provided for the time strictly necessary for the purposes stated above, and in any case not exceeding the period of time prescribed by law. In compliance with current legislation, specific security measures are in place to prevent data loss, illegal or improper use and unauthorised access.

Personal data for administrative and accounting purposes will be retained for a period not exceeding the administrative purposes for which the data were collected and subsequently processed, and will be kept for the purposes of profiling or marketing for a period not exceeding sixty months from the time of registration , except when transformed into anonymous form.

Communication and dissemination

The data of a personal nature, for which the processing will not be disclosed, may instead be conveyed by Piquadro Spa for the purposes listed above to companies contractually bound to Piquadro Spa or part of its distribution network,  possibly also in other countries outside the European Union, and in this case will be processed exclusively for the aforementioned purposes. The data may be transmitted abroad within the European Union, in accordance with and within the limits of Art. 42 of LD No. 196/2003. The personal information may be transferred abroad to countries outside the EU and within the limits set forth in articles 43 and 44 letter b) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

The data may be disclosed to third parties in the following categories:

•             those that provide services for the management of the information system used by Piquadro Spa and the telecommunications networks and the company responsible for managing e-  commerce;

•             those parties, even abroad, responsible for the management of paper and/or computerised storage;

•             services companies for the acquisition, recording and processing of data from documents, or supports provided and created by the customers themselves with for the purpose of large operations related to payments, bills, checks and other securities;

•             those engaged in customer support, including through websites (e.g., call centres, help desks, etc.).

•             professionals, firms or companies providing assistance and advice, also for company organisational management control;

•             companies contractually bound to Piquadro Spa ;

•             organisations and Public Administrations for checks and controls in compliance with tax and civil obligations;

•             banks and credit and insurance institutions for the conduct of economic activities (payments/receipts) and insurance activities;

•             those that perform inspections, auditing and certification activities carried out by  Piquadro Spa  even in the customers' interests.

•             for the purposes of point b), personal data may be disclosed to any third party for commercial communications activities on behalf of Piquadro Spa

Subjects belonging to the above categories are responsible for data processing, or act independently as Data Controllers.

The list of data handlers is constantly updated and available at the Piquadro Spa registered office. Any other communication or distribution will only be with your express consent.

The storage and transmission of personal data through the Internet is safeguarded by means of commonly used, up-to-date technology.

Nature of the data provision

The provision of data for the purposes referred to in point a) is required, although not from a legal obligation, as it is necessary for you to register on this site and/or to conclude and execute the contract for purchase of goods. Refusal to consent to the processing of your data for the purposes mentioned above in paragraph a) makes it impossible to register and purchase of products from Piquadro Spa websites through which Piquadro Spa collects personal data. The refusal to give consent with respect to point a) makes it impossible to complete activities regarding your relationship with Piquadro Spa, which may also be unable to deliver the goods themselves, or those activities necessary for the performance of contractual obligations. The Data Controller also gives notice that any non-communication or miscommunication of any of the required data will lead to the following:

•             the inability of the Controller to ensure the completion of the registration on this site and the appropriate handling of the data with regard to the contractual agreements for which the data processing is performed;

•             the possible lack of correspondence of the data processed with any obligations imposed by fiscal, administrative and civil law.

If the data indicated as "mandatory" on the registration form is not provided, it will therefore be impossible to complete the registration process.

The provision of data for the purposes referred to in point b) is voluntary, in other words, it is not required by the law. Failure to provide the data for those purposes will make it impossible for Piquadro Spa to contact you for promotional communications, even customised ones.

Refusal to give consent for the purposes set out in point  b) above, does not , on the other hand, involve any negative consequences with regard to your requests and to create the contract (the purposes referred to in point a)).

You will be able to assert your rights according to Art. 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated June 30, 2003,  by contacting the Data Controller at Piquadro Spa


In order to facilitate the service offered,  Piquadro Spa uses "cookies" to provide better and more personalised service. A "cookie" is installed when the navigation session begins. If you do not want the "cookies" to be stored it on your hard drive, you must configure your browser to not accept them, using the recommended procedure for your specific browser, or by deleting them directly from your computer. If you do so, it can slow down the speed and quality of the service.

If you have not turned on the option that prevents the installation of "cookies" on your hard drive, you can check your hard disk by following the instruction manual for your operating system to know which servers have sent the "cookies". Piquadro Spa saves your typical navigation path in order to tailor our services as much as possible to your preferences. The user explicitly consents to the use of "cookies" by Piquadro Spa, without it being necessary to request approval each time.

Piquadro Spa reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy, at its sole discretion and at any time. It is the user's responsibility to periodically check for changes to this page. By continuing to use the site after changes to the Privacy Policy have been posted, you accept those changes.

You will be able to assert your rights according to Art. 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated June 30, 2003, by contacting the Data Controller (or Data Handler if one has been appointed).

Art. 7. Rights of access to personal data and other rights

1. The interested party has the right to confirmation of whether or not there is any personal data related to him/her, even if not yet registered, and its communication in intelligible form.

2. The interested party has the right to obtain: a) the origin of the personal data; b) the processing methods and purposes; c) the logic applied in the event of processing using electronic devices; d) identification of the data controller, data handlers and designated representative according to Article 5, paragraph 2; e) the subjects or category of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who could become knowledgeable of it as designated representative within the country, handlers or those responsible for processing.

3. The interested party has the right to: a) update, correct or, when desired, add to the data; b) delete, make anonymous or block data processed in violation of the law, including data that does not need to be saved for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed; c) proof that the operations set forth in letters a and b were made known, even regarding their content, to those to whom that data was communicated or distributed except when doing so is impossible or requires use of means that are manifestly disproportionate to the right being protected.

4. The interested party has the right to object in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of his/her personal data even though pertinent to the purposes for which it was collected; b) to the processing of his/her personal data for sending advertising or direct sales material or for market research or marketing communications.

For any further information and/or details, questions or complaints regarding the processing of personal data, please write to the data handler indicated below:

The Data Controller is: Piquadro S.p.a. -  località Sassuriano n°246, 40041 Gaggio Montano (BO), in the person of its pro tempore legal representative.

If you no longer wish to be contacted, the use of your personal data will cease immediately. When contacting us, please provide your e-mail address, name, address and/or telephone numbers, to enable the correct handling of your request.

To unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time simply send an e-mail to privacy@piquadro.com or by mail to  Piquadro S.p.a. -  località Sassuriano n°246, 40041 Gaggio Montano (BO), with the subject "unsubscribe from mailing list".

the updated list of data handlers will be communicated upon request, to be sent by email to  privacy@piquadro.com  or by mail to the address just above.

Gaggio Montano, 10 April 2013.


Data Controller

Piquadro S.p.a.


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Cookies are small units of text strings stored in your computer when you visit certain pages on the internet. Cookies must be enabled in order to be able to purchase products on the Piquadro . If you choose not to accept the cookies, you can still browse the Site and use it for reference purposes. Cookies are enabled by default by most browsers, we have nevertheless included a section after this paragraph with instructions on how to modify the settings of your cookies. Please note that cookies will not damage your computer. We do not retain any personal data that can identify the user in the cookies we generate, for instance credit card details, but we use encrypted data collected by same to improve and ensure top quality browsing of our Site. For example, they can be useful for identifying and resolving errors, or for identifying relevant correlated products to be proposed to the user during navigation. We provide this information as part of our policy aimed at fully complying with all recent legislation requirements, and to guarantee our integrity and transparency concerning your privacy when you use our website. We are working to improve the aspects of cookies and privacy on this website. You can find more details on cookies at the following websites: www.allaboutcookies.org e www.youronlinechoices.eu. Cookies can perform various functions, such as allowing you to navigate between different pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and in general to improve the user's experience on websites. Piquadro reserves the right to use cookies, with the consent of users where the law or applicable regulations foresee the same, to render site navigation easier and customise the information that will appear. Piquadro also reserves the right to use similar systems to collect information about Site users, such as for instance, IP address, type of web browser and operating system used and / or web pages visited by a user, for statistical or security purposes only. Piquadro is entitled to collect this information to track site usage and improve certain aspects. The sections below give a brief review on how Piquadro uses cookies and similar instruments.

Navigation cookies
These cookies are essential for you to move around the Site and to use its features, such as for instance access to restricted areas of the website. Without these cookies we can not provide the services you request, such as the shopping kart or e-billing. Strictly necessary cookies are used to store a unique identifier in order to manage and identify users from all the other users visiting the Site at that same moment, and to provide the user with a consistent and accurate service. Some examples include: Memorising previous actions (for example, entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same session; Management and passage of security tokens for different services within a website to identify the status of the visitor (e.g. registered or unregistered); Maintenance of tokens to use restricted areas of the website; Routing of customers towards specific service versions / applications, as may be necessary during a technical migration process;

Performance cookies
These cookies can be Piquadro or partner, session or persistent cookies, their use is limited to the performance and improvement of the website features. These cookies collect information on how a visitor uses the Site, such as the pages visited. These cookies do not collect information that can identify you. All information collected by these cookies are aggregated in an anonymous form and are only used to improve the functionality of the Site. Some examples include: Web Analytics, the collected data are solely limited to the use of the website by an operator, to manage the performance and structure of the Site. These cookies may be third-party cookies, but the information will be used solely by those assigned to publishing of the visited website; • Affiliate tracking by Piquadro partners - the cookies are introduced by the Partners and used by the latter exclusively to check whether the user coming from another website purchased a product or service on the Piquadro . • Error Handling - Measurement of errors that occur on a website, this function will usually support the improvement of services or claim management and will generally be strictly linked to web analytics; Testing of different website page structures - Tests on variations in the structure, normally using A/B or multivariate tests, to ensure that the site maintains a consist aspect for users during current and subsequent sessions.

Functional cookies
These cookies can be Piquadro or partner, session or persistent. These cookies are usually the result of a user action, but they can also be implemented when providing a service not specifically requested but simply offered to users. They can also be used to prevent a previously offered and rejected service from being proposed to the same user. Furthermore, these cookies allow the Site to remember user choices (such as user name, language, country of origin, etc ...). All information gathered by these cookies is anonymous and can not track user behaviour on other websites. Some examples include: remember the settings that a user has applied to a website such as layout, font size, preferences, colours, etc.; remember a choice so that users are no longer requested to fill out a questionnaire. detect if a service has already been offered, such as for instance, offering a tutorial during subsequent visits to the website; To provide information to allow access to an optional service such as the offer of a live chat session. To fulfil a user request such as submitting a comment.

Third party cookies for marketing/retargeting
These cookies are used by Piquadro partners, in order to present Piquadro advertising banners when you are visiting other websites, displaying the latest products that you looked on the Piquadro . As you navigate the Piquadro , these cookies are also used to propose products that could be of interest to you, or similar to those you have looked at in the past, based on your browser history. Use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data, but can allow connection to your PC or other devices and trace saved data: these cookies connect to the browser installed on your computer or other device used to navigate our website.

How can I disable cookies?
Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can also choose not to accept them. It is recommended not to disable this function, since this may prevent you from moving freely from page to page and enjoy all the features of the Site. If you do not want your computer to receive and store cookies, you can modify the security settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc..). In any case, please note that certain sections of our Site can only be used to their full capacity if your browser accepts cookies; otherwise you will not be able to add products to your kart or purchase them (for example). Accordingly, your decision to remove and not accept cookies may have a negative effect when browsing our Site If you wish to change your cookies settings, using the settings of the various browsers, here are some brief instructions on how to do this in the four most popular browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click the 'Tools' icon in the upper right corner and select 'Internet Options'. In the pop-up window select 'Privacy'. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

Google Chrome
Click the 'wrench' icon in the upper right corner and select 'Settings'. Now select “Under the hood" and change the settings in the 'Privacy' section.

Mozilla Firefox
From the pull-down menu in the upper left corner, select 'Options'. In the pop-up window select 'Privacy'. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

From the pull-down menu in the upper right corner, select 'Preferences'. Select 'Security' and from here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

To find out more about cookies and how to manage or disable third party or marketing/retargeting cookies, visit www.youronlinechoices.com. To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting your navigation data, download the browser add-on to disable Google Analytics: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.